A new renaissance duo that blends spectral timbres, storytelling, and movement.

The Baker-Barganier Duo formed in September 2016 when multi-instrumentalist Erich Barganier joined forces with New Renaissance artist Elizabeth A. Baker to create a duo that combines spectral sonic landscapes, motion and visual art. Fusing toy piano, mandolin, experimental electronics, kinetic motion and more together, the ensemble explores original sonic landscapes and blurs the boundaries of experimental, classical and progressive music to create a unique experience.

“I’m still having waterbug problems is an unnerving and discombobulating movement paced by muted beats and replete with the crying of a bowed instrument that makes us feel like we’re trapped in that cold, dark, eerie place Eleven always goes to in Stranger Things.” – Ray Roa, Creative Loafing

“Elizabeth Baker… is a modern pioneer of the toy piano. In fellow experimentalist Erich Barganier, she has a multi-instrumental partner that expands the palette considerably while maintaining the same spirit of adventure.  Their work… [is a series of] studies in tension, accord and modernity. ” – Bao Le-Huu, Orlando Weekly