My Father, How Long?
A key piece in the repertoire of the Baker-Barganier Duo, My Father, How Long? centers around a century-old melody sung by slaves in the American South. The ensemble brings the piece into the 21
st century through the use of experimental electronics and extended instrumental techniques to highlight the strife bound within the original work. The piece shifts between the verse and chorus while improvising new sections in between to expand the narrative into the voice of the ensemble and revitalize a powerful song that few remember.

Digital Stockholm Syndrome
Lying at the intersection of movement, electronic music, and computer code, Digital Stockholm Syndrome transforms the human body into an instrument of sound. The piece centers around a dancer with sensors attached to her limbs, transmitting signals to a digital synthesizer. These signals turn into audio, and when combined together, form a flowing piece of music controlled by gestures and dance. While the dancer improvises, two musicians use computer code to create formulas and algorithms that translate into various noises. This stream of audio blends with the dancer’s musical signals, creating a stark juxtaposition between the organic motions and sounds of dance with the angular rhythms of pure computer code.